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    Hezheng is committed to the research and development and production of intelligent vehicle-mounted infotainment system (IVI). Based on the IntelIA architecture, Hezheng products take "vehicle-mounted infotainment system integrating cloud services" as the core product, providing pre-installation fine products for mainstream automakers, and extending to vehicle driving assistance products, providing a full range of products and services for automakers. The core application of the product centers on video and audio entertainment based on super large hard disk, intelligent voice control based on smart phone automatization, intelligent voice control based on human-machine interaction, web-based community service and auxiliary safety application based on induction system, providing car owners with integrated solutions of car machine + mobile phone + cloud. Hezheng products are based on the design concept of "communication between people and vehicles", high-end product positioning, product application with a strong sense of science and technology, owner-oriented after-sales service and excellent user body

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